An annual production of more than 16 million pump units makes Grundfos one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator pumps for heating and air-conditioning as well as other centrifugal pumps for the industry, water supply, sewage and dosing are the main products. Today Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulators, covering app. 50% of the world market of these pumps.


The Reflex brand name is well known in Ireland and throughout the world. The high-performance range of products provided by this company, the "Reflex Winkelmann GmbH" with its headquarters in the Westfalian city of Ahlen, comprises approved and innovative products of heating, energy and systems: Diaphragm expansion vessels, compressor and pump- controlled Pressurisation systems as well as Deaeration and Water make-up systems














Spirotech is the number-one specialist in the field of fluid conditioning in closed systems. They value quality, innovation and service. Spirotech is the right place for top-quality products and custom advice.

Their total solutions are not limited to fittings and accessories manufacture, Spirotech also offers knowledge and information. Whether your project concerns a single-family house, a major non-residential structure or an industrial process, Spirotech helps you significantly improve performance.
















BOA Group


The BOA Group develops, produces and distributes worldwide stainless steel components for motor management, exhaust systems and side components for vehicles. In the industrial division, the BOA Group delivers gas tight and flexible elements for applications in energy technology and technical construction: railway, shipyards, aerospace industry, vacuum technique, measurement and control as well as armatures.

BOA solutions include both standardised products and customized, individual elements developed together with the customer.



Abbott Tanks


Abbotts have been designing and building Pressure Vessels for over 140 years and continue to supply standard Air Receivers and special Pressure vessels to some of the worlds most prestigious companies. They can design and manufacture from receipt of basic instruction - with ISO9001 and PED approval for a broad range of pressure vessels.

The New Grundfos Magna 3 Range

The MAGNA3 pumps are a range of small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with electronically controlled motors based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology. The MAGNA3 will then analyse the heating system demands and find the optimal setting. It will then continuously adjust its operation to changes within the system demand. The result is optimal comfort and minimum energy consumption.

Reflex Pressurisation Systems

We offer the complete range of products from domestic technology to exceptionally large systems:

At Reflex you will find the classic expansion vessel, the multi-functional ’ variomat’ pressurization systems and also special systems engineering.Whichever Reflex expansion tank or system you choose: you could rely on our quality - typically Reflex!

Spirotech Air & Dirt Separators









The SpiroCombi combines the features of a deaerator and a dirt separator in a single product that constantly removes free-circulating air, micro-bubbles and dirt particles. This makes the SpiroCombi a highly reliable solution for your cooling installations, and sometimes also for heating or process installations. Rely on our experienced experts for targeted advice.

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