Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pressmatic?

Our Pressmatic range of pressurisation units are water top-up skids for sealed water systems.

Introduced to the market in 1996, the Pressmatic range is manufactured in accordance with the most stringent of quality specifications and leads the field in equipment for automatically maintaining specified system pressure requirements, combined with taking up expansion in sealed heating or chilled water systems, as well as in all other applications where water is used for heat transfer.

What does it do?

The Pressmatic re-pressurises the water in any heating or chilled water application. Pressmatics are used wherever there is a need to maintain the fill pressure in both sealed heating and chilled water systems.

Heating and chilled water systems

Together with the associated expansion vessel/s, the Pressmatic will maintain the cold fill pressure of the system by topping up small minor leaks and natural evaporation, and the expansion vessel will absorb the expansion and contraction of the system during its normal operating cycle. 

Vessels are available with the choice of fixed or replaceable butyl rubber diaphragms.

Who needs a Pressmatic?

Pressmatic units are generally supplied through service and mechanical contractors and industrial end users throughout Ireland.

They give an alarm output to the consumer/contractor to indicate when the system pressure is too high or too low caused by a change in expansion.

What are the applications?

A solution is available for all installations, from the small ‘retrofit’ market to large commercial and industrial applications.

Installing the correct expansion equipment with Reflex deaerators and dirt separators will prevent the sick installation syndrome affecting your project.

How many models are there?

There are six standard options for a pressurisation unit to suit all applications. Selection is based simply on your requirements, i.e. whether you require a basic unit, single pump, twin pump unit with BMS facilities, digital unit etc.

All the pressurisation units featured are designed for installation with our range of Reflex fixed air cushion or Reflexomat variable volume expansion vessels.

Correct selection of the expansion vessels is the key to problem-free system operation and our technical sales staff will be pleased to assist you in expansion vessel selection.

What are the benefits?

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