Single Pump Standard Pressurisation Unit
with Motor & Low- Level Protection

Model: IPP137/ AS

Stock Code: 1196896

Pressurisation units, also referred to as top-up or auto- full units, are an important part of modern heating and cooling systems. They are crucial in maintaining optimal pressure levels and enhancing system efficiency.

Our Pressmatic range of packaged pressurisation systems are designed to be compact and energy-efficient, as well as simple to install and maintain. Suitable for use in a range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications with several versions to choose from.

The IPP137/AS features single-pump operation with pressure switch control, high & low-level output and built in motor protection (via low-level float switch in break- tank). Non-return valves are fitted on the pump suction and discharge along with an 8-litre expansion vessel to ensure efficient pump operation.

All units are designed with provision for an overflow (recommended to be fitted in all installations) and for hassle-free set-up and maintenance.

Key Features

Selection Guide


  • Electrical Details:

    230 Volts / 1 Phase / 50 Hz,
    0.37 kW, 2.70 Amps FLC

  • Dimensions:

    0.72 m (l) x 0.35 m (d)
    x 0.95 m (h)

  • Cold Fill Pressure:

    50 kPa to 250 kPa
    (0.50 kPa – 320kPa is available on request)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pressmatic re-pressurises the water in any heating or chilled water application. Pressmatics are used wherever there is a need to maintain the fill pressure in both sealed heating and chilled water systems.

A solution is available for all installations, from the small ‘retrofit’ market to large commercial and industrial applications.

Installing the correct expansion equipment with Reflex deerators and dirt separators will prevent the sick installation syndrome affecting your project.

There are six standard options for a pressurisation unit to suit all applications. Selection is based simply on your requirements, i.e. whether you require a basic unit, single pump, twin pump unit with BMS facilities, digital unit etc.

All the pressurisation units featured are designed for installation with our range of Reflex fixed air cushion or Reflexomat variable volume expansion vessels.

Correct selection of the expansion vessels is the key to problem-free system operation and our technical sales staff will be pleased to assist you in expansion vessel selection.


Suitable for use in heated or chilled applications

Automatically maintains system requirements

Automatically maintains system requirements

Expert assistance from our technically proficient team